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This is a complete program for learning American Sign Language entirely online. At the end of this program, you will have mastery of the language that will allow you to communicate fully in ASL.Our goal at Free Hearts Signing is to help anyone who has the chance to connect with their child the tools to do so.

If your child is Deaf or has a hearing loss that causes a communication barrier. For many parents this is a scary time because so many people are telling you what you should do and you are overwhelmed with all the new information. Think about it this way. Would you ever want your child not to learn a language? OR an extra language? No matter which way you go with decisions for their future, learning a language will only help and support a child's future language development. Sign Language is for you. 

If your child is non-verbal you can communicate and connect with them through sign language. We've seen how much these kids bloom and flourish when given a language of their own. They deserve to live a life where they can express themselves and their needs. Having a language will change your child's entire life. Sign Language is for you. 

If you have lost your hearing in adulthood and find it very difficult to communicate with friends and loved ones, Sign Language is for you. 

After completing this program you will be fully prepared to use ASL in your daily life, with techniques to prepare you for life-long learning of your new language. 

This course is all you need to learn Sign Language. There will be no other expenses, no other classes. 

The cost of this class covers an in depth exploration of the language, the culture, the community, taught by multiple teachers to give you the widest exposure to the dialects of the community from different regions. The teachers include individuals that are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind. 

You will have no need to fear using your language by the end of this program because you will have had experiences will all different kinds of individuals from the Deaf Community!

This cost will also include tutoring for one-on-one assistance with your language development. This class is cheaper and more inclusive than taking a full program of sign language classes from a college, and you do not have to go to class or keep up with a strict schedule. You can do all of the learning at your own pace.

You CAN master Sign Language! Get everything you need to learn this language in less than a year! 

People just like you..

  "I'm in love with these videos! I think I've learned more in the past 15 minutes than in most of my ASL fumbling self- education"

-Student learning with us through personalized lessons

“I sign so our daughter (who is deaf) has a “safe” language forever and ever. It can’t break, lose its battery, malfunction, or need to be replaced. I sign so my daughter (who does speak clearly) has FULL understanding and not just the bits and pieces her brain sometimes hears. And when I say “Why I Sign” I really mean why I try to sign and am really still learning. She is fluent- I’m always playing catch up."

-Mom fighting for a very bright future for her daughter

“My son is 7 and HOH. He is interested in learning sign. I know a little from college and can’t wait to learn with him!”

-Supportive Mama of HOH child

"Thanks so much for this! My youngest daughter is deaf- but has bilateral CI's. But we also feel it's so important for her to sign. But there is no place nearby for us to take classes"

-A dedicated mother offering her child total communication

“I have fallen in love with the language and would love to pursue a career using it”

-Student learning to be able to communicate with deaf family member

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  • You had knowledge of a full language to offer your child.
  • You could stop wasting you time trying to piece together a new language from insufficient resources.
  • You could consolidate your learning to be the most effective so that you could master the language quickly.
  • You could break down barriers between you and loved ones so that you could connect easily.
  • You could use your knowledge of sign language to get a job.
  • You could learn American Sign Language in less than a year. 

This can all happen for you..

You deserve it. 

Feel that freedom

connection and communication doesn't have to be a struggle


Your loved one needs you to take the time and make the investment to be able to communicate and connect with them. ---- it's your child, family member, or those you work with; we promise you will greatly improve their life by learning their language. We are not going to pretend it will be easy. It will take some hard work and time. We have simplified the process as much as possible for you and we promise it will be worth it. 

Language deprivation is serious. 

Being nonverbal with no way to communicate needs is serious.

Relying on technology as your only way to communicate is serious.

Working with people you have no way to communicate with is serious.

These issues are huge but you can solve them by a simple commitment to learning.

NO ONE should be without language. NO ONE should live in isolation without access to communication and connection.

The world needs you.